Export Insurance Agency of Armenia is a member of the Prague Club (part of Berne Union) since 2013. 

Berne Union

The Berne Union is the world's largest association of public and private export credit and investment insurance companies. It was founded in 1934 with aim to actively facilitate cross-border trade and investments. The Berne Union promotes uniform principles for export credit and investment insurance. It also establishes the forum of cooperation among public and private insurance agencies, within organized twice-a-year meetings of all members, ad hoc seminaries and workshops, enabling exchange of the information and experiences among the insurers.

Prague Club

The Prague Club was started on an initiative of the Berne Union and some younger export-credit agencies (the Hungarian MEHIB, Polish KUKE, Czech EGAP, Romanian EXIM R and Slovene Export Corporation) in 1993. The aim was to work out an information exchange forum for newly established credit and investment agencies as well as encouraging the international trade development in a course of supporting unified rules both for export credit insurances and foreign investments. The Prague Club members hold regular meetings designed for information exchange.


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