Pre-export financing insurance 

Product description

Because of lack of working capital or limited access to financial resources, even having signed export agreements, exporters often encounter the problem of inability to manufacture goods specified in the purchase order and export them on time.

In order to ensure continuity in production cycle and boost exports volume of RA resident companies, EIAA offers pre-export financing insurance (PFI), which gives RA exporters the opportunity to receive short-term bank financing, without collateral, under the export contract insured by EIAA. The loans can be directed to the performance of the export contract in the following areas:

- raw materials purchasing

- packaging costs

- product-appearance demands costs

- transportation costs

- customs expenses

General Conditions

Policyholder: RA commercial bank or universal credit organization

Insurance (loan) maximum duration: 730 days

Insurance object: Principal amount of loan 

The maximum limit of the insurance coverage: 10 %, unless  specified otherwise in the insurance policy

Loan purpose : raw materials purchasing, packaging costs, product-appearance demands costs, transportation costs, customs expenses

Loan security:

1) guarantees of  the borrower’s chief executive officer and significant shareholders (10% or more) (participants) (persons affiliated with the latter) (legal and physical entities)

2) shares of the borrower or of the affiliated legal entity (equity)

3) other means of assurance

 Currency of the sum insured: AMD, USD, EUR, RUB


Pre-export financing rates

Pre-export financing period (days)

Insurance rates